Buying/Leasing a car – Things of paramount importance to be kept in mind

29.11.2019 10:58

When you are traversing through the roads, cities etc.… of your utmost liking, the feeling that you are going to get is simply beyond any description. You are likely to feel like a king promulgating his victory to your respectable fellow men. It may seem nonchalantly comfortable to buy or lease a car, but behind the scenes some capricious challenges are always there to play a spoilsport.There are some misconceptions and vacuities widely prevalent about buying or leasing a car.  Let’s talk about some key things that you need to keep in mind.  So you may plan to buy a Sedan with winter tires or an SUV with non-studded tires, it is important to consider the following things:

Right to legal protection – why should one have a leash on it?

The VAT (Value Added Tax) is a mandatory payment requirement that one needs to bore if he plans on buying a car abroad.  The following details must be strictly kept in mind:

  • Whether the car bought was in use or a new model

  • Whether you are looking to buy a car from a private dealer or a professional car dealer

  • Whether the individual from whom you are buying is a legitimate EU citizen or not.

A seller known for or his downright professionalism and an unquestionable authenticity should be the person that you need to approach to.

Any purchased car that is later found faulty or unadvertised is still likely to carry a minimum of 2 years guarantee under the new EU consumer rights rules. You may likely find yourself in cases whether the guarantee period is likely to be less than one year but it ultimately relies upon the mutual understanding and consent between the buyer and the seller that eventually decides the timeline for the deal.

In an event of purchasing a car from a private individual, extra caution needs to be taken while carrying out any transaction with a private dealer because the EU consumer rights will no longer remain applicable to such private transactions.

Make sure to ask for all the documents related to your purchased car

It is always advisable to ask for the original car documents in a bid to have an understanding of the car’s history.  Also, make sure to get those documents verified through a tribunal or any law body available in the area from where the car is being purchased.

Make sure the get the new purchased car transported with utmost care

If you are aiming to buy a brand-new car in another EU country, the fact that the safe transportation is critically important, should be the center stage because your car is still not officially registered.  You can also tow the car home but before doing so, it is important to get it insured and registered.  It will eventually be a last straw in case of any mishap or unforeseen eventuality.

  • Even the transportation costs spark a fear of emptying your pockets; it is always good to invest in a specialized Hire company for transportation.  After all, a bird in hand is worth two a bush.

  • If you plan to drive the car by yourself, get your car insured and have temporary number plates fitted in the country/area of purchase because it will shield you from any forthcoming troubles from the traffic law enforcement agencies.

A drive abroad with a leased car!

If you are planning to drive a leased car, make sure to understand the lease terms and in particular the lease term ends.There is always analternative to buy the car again after the contract ends. Make sure you run everytransactions through a car’s legal owner; not with anybody who is phony or manipulative.

It is also important to check and see if your insurance is valid in the country where you want to drive.  Your insurance will be invalid if it is not in conformity with the laws of the country where you want to drive.

In this particular case, the person or company leasing the car may show reluctance in registering the car in another EU country.

It becomes incumbent upon you to understand all the clauses in details before you maneuver the steering wheel of your adorable vehicle.