Studded tires or winter tires for this winter?

06.11.2019 17:35

Europeans never get tired of talking about the tire. With winter starting, it has only increased across Europe.  But the talks vary from changing to winter tires in southern Europe to shifting to studded tires in northern Europe. It is due to the weather conditions and also environmental concerns of the Europeans. Even the governments across Europe are divided on the usage of studded tires. Who is correct and who is not, makes the Europeans confused at this time of the year.  Continue reading to know more about choosing winter tires or studded tires for safe driving this winter.

Safety or environment concern confusion continues in the EU

The debates on safety or environment concerns are now starting to be on the limelight once again.  Europeans sure lead the world in reducing the greenhouse impacts and is more concerned about the environment. Also, leaving it safe for the future is one of the top priorities of all Europeans. But when it comes to environmental protection or safety by using studded tires is sure a debatable issue.  In many parts of Europe, like Akureyri in Iceland, many are already divided on the use of studded tires.

Researches bust studded tire myths

In the heated debates of winter tires vs. studded tires, one thing is common for everyone to accept. It is about the place of driving in determining the kind of tires for safety. And Denmark has made it mandatory to use studded tires from November 1st to April 15th as per EU regulations for winter 2019/2020. Also, with an increase in studded tire researches, many of its myths are now busted.  The new studded tires with many of its earlier faults rectified may be suitable for both safety and environment concerns.  Hence to use studded tires apart from roads where it is mandatory is now recommended by many experts.

Winter tires VS studded tires

Winter tires are sure the choice and mandatory requirement for many parts of Europe. Also, many countries have prohibited the use of studded tires. In this differing scenario, the advantages of studded tires over winter tires could give you a clear understanding of using the right tire for driving in your place. Since studded tires are approximately permitted only in 16 EU countries,  the choice of choosing between it and the winter tires is limited only to these countries. The following facts about the two could help you to choose the right tire for this winter.

Winter tires are ideal for places with temperatures near the freezing point with regular snow on the roads, metro places where the road ice is frequently cleared, and for those who do not go long drives daily for work and other purposes. But for other conditions during winter like

  • Rural highways with fewer chances of clearing the ice on the road
  • To stop at a fewer distance while braking than the winter tires
  • Driving a lot during the winter days
  • Ways with snow-covered with centimeters depth of ice
  • Mountain passages where  the  sun comes late, shadows until the afternoon and icy curves
  • River areas and coastal regions with higher fog possibilities

Having SUV winter tires or studded tires for this winter depends on the place you drive and also your prerogative to be safe driving this winter.