Macedonia summer travel: Budget tips before you plan out!

27.12.2019 11:28

One of the most scenic Balkan countries is how one would identify Macedonia. This country is not a part of European Union, but is situated in surroundings of many European countries such as Greece in south, Albania in west and Bulgaria, Kosovo and Serbia in the north. Its strategic location makes this country much sought after as it has everything to offer for everyone. This country has its own currency and is much affordable to travel and experience this beautiful country.  Summer is the best season, especially the month September, to visit and enjoy Macedonia. Though winter is good too, since the summer is hot and dry and winter is very cold....sometimes snowy! But every season has its own charm in this country. In case you are planning a road trip, ensure you know the traffic rules about non-studded tires for car or SUV, since SUV non-studded tires are preferred over its counterpart with studs, as this variant does not erode the asphalt surface of roads. Let’s learn some handy tips before you plan and execute Macedonian road trip.

This country is very much affordable for any traveller. You could have nice and comfortable accommodation under 25-30$. This price includes breakfast too. There are dorms that offer very much reasonable accommodation inclusive of breakfast at 5-10 $ rate. Meals too are very much affordable in bakeries, roadside cafes or sit out restaurants. You only need to shell out 1-3 $ for good sumptuous meal here. In case you wish to sit in a restaurant and enjoy your food, be prepared to shell out 6$ and around for a meal per person. Non-vegetarian varieties are in abundance as meat is consumed at great scale, but vegetarians do not need to be disheartened as there is large variety of vegetarian food. Drinking too will not dig a deep hole into your pockets as alcohol sold here at very affordable rates. So you could plan your trip to Macedonia even if you wish to adhere to a strict budget line.

Entrance fees too are very much less. There are places, where you need to pay hefty entrance fees, but there are many others worth visiting places that are free such as the Mother Teresa House in Skopje and the Sveti Naum Monastery on Lake Ohrid. You could freely move around and taste a bit of Macedonia.

Generally tipping is followed here. Customers normally pay up the bill into a ground total and leave the change as a tip. One need not pay a huge tip, 5 to 10 % of the bill amount is decent way to give tip.

IN case you wish to follow strict budget and want to enjoy travelling to a scenic and beautiful place; choosing Macedonia is highly recommended!